Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mesas de garrafas recicladas


Agustina Gallo


Plastic Bottles 
Matt white spray paint 
White acrylic paintings, black and red. 
Clear acrylic 
Round timber 54cm in diameter and 12mm circular espesorVidrio 54 cm in diameter and 4mm thick.


Raw material: Plastic Bottles 
They are made from petroleum and gas.Tardan over 100 years to decompose. Incineration emanates highly damaging toxins.
  • Six bottles painted matte white plastic spray and let dry. According to design and decorate the bottle embossed with red and black.
  • On circular wood make 6 holes with a diameter equal to the peak of the bottles to be used, located equidistant to 6cm from the edge. Apply two coats of white acrylic. Let dry.
  • With a compass make concentric circles on the table, each painted with alternating black and white until the center circle.
  • Painting the central red circle. Let dry and varnish all the pieces with acrylic paint.
  • Finally enter the peak of the bottles in the holes of the table. Placing caps ensure the same.
  • Repeat with 6 bottles.
  • Place the glass, which rest on the tops

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